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Takumi is a fresh, fun and flavorful scene that offers the freshest sushi and the most fun hibachi tables. Take a trip here and you will experience the most flavorful dishes New York has to offer.

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The Cuisine 料理

Takumi features modern Japanese cuisine that is authentic but not traditional. The menu showcases a variety of dishes from three kitchens: the main kitchen, the sushi bar and the hibachi grill.

The Space スペース

Takumi sushi bar is our intimate 8-seat sushi counter serving a curated omakase sushi dinner to satisfy your taste buds. We serve Edomae-style Sushi to the purists, and enthusiasts alike. Our ingredients are sourced directly toyosu Fish market in Tokyo to ensure that we always deliver the highest quality and authentic taste.

Host with the Most


From closing celebrations to cocktail parties, plan your next event at Takumi.

Private Hibachi Experience


Elevate your home dining experience. Let us bring the flavor and fun of hibachi right to your house for a private event!

Incredible Sushi, Exceptional Service.

In the Westfield South Shore Mall, you’ll find creative sushi, entertaining hibachi and quality Japanese cuisine. 

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